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Russian Butterflies


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Hi, These nasty little suckers are scattered all over Afghanistan (along with a hell of a lot of other stuff). Have a great New Years and no matter where you are be grateful youre not there. Cheers
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Im surprised that the PFM 1 shown on the warning poster is an inert practice model (shown by the Y cut into the wing) Im a supporter of Mines Advisory Group , which is a charity that teaches locals of the countries how to identify and remove mines from their soil . Rather than other organisations that clear them for them .Happy New year to you All
Hi Steve, The practice mine in the photo is from my collection (live ones don't make great collectables). I added a photo from an old defence quarterly publication for interest sake (it's not a poster as such). Cheers
Hi Chris it looks very good, being a supporter of MAG they have very kindly supplied over the years a lot of their warning posters, which hopefully very soon i will display on here , i seem to have built up a small collection of them .years ago i collected mines of all types , all i have left now are some maps and posters
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Is the PFM-1 a copy of the USA made BLU43 b ,or is the american one a copy of the ussr PFM-1


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Hi Spotter, the PFM-1 mine is a reverse-engineered copy of the US BLU-43 mine that first showed up shortly after the Russian invasion of Afghanistan.
I was at the "Airborne Eastboure" airshow in summer 2003, they had one of these mines on a stand run by the EOD with some various munitions on show. They told me that it was triggered after being stepped on a certain number of times. He said "your friend might step on it and be fine, then you step on it and it blows your foot off".