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Rust removal using an aqueous product


BOCN Contributor
I think that these type of products are pretty much universally available. The one I used is D-Rust-It (www.D-Rust-I.com).

The example shows a knife blade with areas of both deep and superficial rust. It was immersed for about 4 hours, The blade was black after removal and was cleaned with 600 grit Emory cloth.

It seems that the product actually disolves the rust leaving a network of hollows that sort of look like Damascening.

I know that there are various schools of thought on restoring objects and it is an area that I have been concerned with in my other interests. I have personally come out on the side of sensible cleaning. That is that often I have found markings that wad gone unnoticed on unpolished brass. Also, since most of my stuff is displayed, some cleaning makes for a more attractive showing.


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