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Rust Removing...


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Here some effect of my last work;
Rust removing from projectile (inert of course).
Object; ww2 Soviet 76,2mm BP-350A projectile.
Condition; Unknown (battlefield relict).

Step one; removing first layer of rust... best friend; light hammer.
Step two; removing second layer; best way in this case - Electrolysis.
Step third; removing dirt, and old rust from elektrolysis. Tool; engine steel brush.

...and here effect.



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nice result

Hi wc.KZ, Nice job and the result is dramatic. I liked the fact that you took it through the step by step process so we can learn the process ourselves. Well done..Dano
Dano, not final condition is so important, poor condition like this - make this
projectile no valuable for artillery collector's but... this projectile was find on battlefield 1945, one kilometer from my own home. So, for me it's more like local relict, not really part of colection.
Besides, it's 100% ww2 production. Many projectile this type, what I saw i colection in other countries, (in very good condition) was post war prodcuction. This ammunition was made long time after ww2, particularly in "Warsaw pact" countries.

Best Regards.
Hi wz.KC, that's a really good effort, well done, I wish I could find things like that close to my house!!
Rust Removal

Very impressive, I am quite surprised at the projectiles condition under all of that rust.

I am curious though, you have identified the projectile as BP-350A. Doesn't BP stand for broneboinly prozhigaushiy - shape charge or HEAT? Would this projectile be BR - broneboiniy - armour piercing?

I was just doing some reading on the net, so I am not sure how accurate the information that I was reading is.
Hi ammocat,

You right, My mistake...
Correct name for this projectile is БР-354П.

We find two another... ;)



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