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Savernake Grenades


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This story came out a while back..
Looking about my foot, there were spade hole carefully disguised all over the place, the guy had a metal detector and was looking for medieval coins I reckon.
Interesting about the hidden stuff for partisan activities, I've been looking for records which probably don't exist about the alleged S.O.E presence there...still makes you wonder where they got that snippet.
Very little about SOE's activities were recorded in the usual sense. When I was researching Sawbridgeworth airfield and the 'black' lysander flights into occupied France.I ran into a literary wall. I myself spoke with Prof Foot, himself a former SOE operative and author,and he said that very very little was written down or recorded by SOE. and that is the nature of the beast. If nothing was written, then nothing could be given away;)
Thanks for that, I suppose dear old Jerry would have had a field day with info like that being around.
Oh well, summers coming time to brush off the old walking boots and go looking again:blink: