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SC500 Build Up


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Another good day on the Bomb and it is nearly ready for
final build up.

With the casing opened up to 40 mm oversized the nose and the rear section were offered up and went in lovely without any distortion
in the case diameter.

Four peices of angle were welded either side of the cut and an infill peice was placed in.
Two large cramps pulled the casing together and the whole lot welded up.

The casing is now seam welded both sides inside and out and all evidence of welding has now gone.

Marking and drilling of the fuse pocket and suspension lug came next
and have decided to put a single fuse pocket back in.


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Progress !

That really is progressing well !

How do you think your new "Fuze pocket" will take the welding without any distortion ?

Keep the posts coming as this is a real interest to many of us.
Thanks Chris

I shall be sorry when this ones finished as its giving me a whole lot of pleasure to do aswell.

Because the bomb casing is 8mm thick and the fuse pocket wall is
4mm i am hoping that the bomb casing will absorb most of the heat as i will
be leaving the locking ring in place to minimise distortion.

best phil
Nice work Satan it looks very good, nice job :tinysmile_fatgrin_t


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Hi Satan,
That is starting to look really good, keep us updated.
Best Weasel.