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schrapnel ID


hi !
please is someone could help me to ID this item ?

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They look like hey are off a german wk1 granatenwerfer? (i think that`s how its spelt!)



waffenamt,youve done it again!
a mystery solved.
I have one small triangular chunk of this stuff found near Albert,and wondered what it was!
I now know what its from
cheers mate
Arnt the segments too pointed in shape for the granatenwerfer as all the ones i have seen have been flat sides and tops
I dont think it is from the Granatewerfer as the frags are very pyramidal. The granatewerfer has flat squares.
some of the austrian SchwerGranates have pyramidal frags, could be from one of these??


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Grenatenwerfer-possibly not !

My immediate reaction was the same as "Waff's" until I saw the radial groove on the large fragment, also looking again at the large fragment it appears that the "chunk's" are actually cast on the inside of the casting or is it a trick of the light ?

Are they cast on what would have been the inside of cast body :questionmark:

Sadly 1WW munitions are not my forte so cannot offer any alternative suggestions as to what these "fragments" are off.

Chris :tinysmile_shy_t:
Helger84 ,do you know if these were found in an area of fighting and from what period e.g WW1 ?

hello !
no ww1 battlefield
but on french airdrom occuped by german troops during ww2
in southeast of France...!
some Flaks were localised around this airdrom
look an other view of this item
each pyramidal part is 3cm x 2.5cm

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