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SD10 german ww2 Bomb


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I have a question for you .

You all know of course the SD10 .

This model :

And this other one :


But, do you have some informations about this Holow Charge model, please.



---------------- thank you ..

Its the SD4 Kg Hollow charge bomb with the Z66 nose fuze
source op1666 German explosive ordnance


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Hmm i don't think it is, the backpiece is much smaller, i can also be wrong, but the tail is very short, perhaps an other model
Ah, the photo may be not exactly what you see, has it been squashed??? That is what I think and therefore would fit the SD4, but hey, I am open to anything
i think ben is right
I think i cocked up its a SD10HL the height should be 350mm max body dia 118
Hi its only a test model what i found out fuze eAZ 66 and long 350 mm and dia 118 mm.
I think it is just a shorter type, so one can stock more bombs behind another in clusterbomb body.
The tail looks very new however compared to the bomb body which is rusted.
Regards DJH
according to MUNITIONS LEXIKON book the SD10HL did exsist page 140 which lists it as ww2 of course but then has next to it NUR VERSAUCHE DURCHGEFURRT sorry my german is almost non exsistant so translation not possible

Hello! How steve already wrote gabs the bomb only as attempt!!! No employment in the fight. I assume also that, the tail unit am copied. Harry

It writes also in its offer that the tail unit not to original is, but a reproduction.
I know the seller personally and have had some excellent items from him in the past.

Its certainly a great looking item but way out of my price range at the moment.



No I know it not personally! Ichhabe already at the telephone spoken with it, it comes from Austria. and is student.