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SD50 Found


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This one was found at Marshgate Lane Stratford East London.
The digger bucket had smashed the side of the case,so it was
removed and blown up.


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hi satan can you remember what year the sd50 was found , as i keep a lot of press cuttings on these incidents especially if they make the newspapers .
Hi Fuzeman

I think this one was found in December 2007.

More recently Brett aggregates of Collier Row Romford found a 250
in one of there ballast pits.

The digger got stuck that day whilst digging out the bomb,so they reburied it the next day10 feet deeper and done a full contolled detonation,without taking the explosives out.

In total the bomb would have been 30 feet deep and 250 feet from the road.
still quite a loud bang.

Barking and Dagenham post August 2008.

Regards satan 18 phil
Hi Phil
Thanks for the information ,ive not had the newsletter from the Bdo club yet no dought it could be mentioned.the last big one was Bow in June a 1,000 Kg hermann