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Sd50 fuse thread question


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Work continues on the Sd50 but have reached a stumbling block. I received some beautiful fuse rings from Satan18. My problem is that the thread on the casing is past redemption. The fuse ring takes about 2 threads and then jams solid. I have used oil and WD40 but the thread is so damaged and corroded that it binds up. I have removed all rust and dirt but still no joy.

My question is, I was thinking of dropping some weld around the broken down thread then inserting a new thread. The problem is that I am finding that a suitable tool for this is being quoted at well over 200! Does anyone have any ideas or access to the tool I need, perhaps someone on this forum has come across this before? I am sure it is a common problem. HELP!!!
I too had that problem with damaged threads , but i was lucky a friend made the locking rings out of hardenend steel , knowing i was probably going to have a problem , with the threads , which after a bit of a fiddle worked perfectly, ask Satan if he could make them out of hardened steeel would be the best way. Or you may get away with just repairing the threads with a Thread file ,a lot cheaper than 200