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Sea Mine.


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Hi posted a pic of this mine on portland a while back. Have been there today and took some more pics.The mine is riddled with bullet holes,the common way to destroy mines was with gunfire from small arms.Never worked on this one as it would have been vapourised! A great piece of history anyway.Tony.

here more pics from a little german seamine:wink:



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Poor mine , very interesting to see the picture , i dug an old V1 site a few years back , on a well documented report of this bomb being shot down over kent , i have in the garage a section with a bullet hole in it.
sea yours?

its not yours yet Tony! But might be soon! Tony and myself went again yesterday, 2 pics attached. Dave


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Great pics!

Looks like its getting very brittle to move though chaps?

good luck!:tinysmile_twink_t:

well yes and no Paul. Its thin but not brittle - a bit like your hair really! The down side is that there are lots of gaps but on the positive, that means its less heavy to carry up a rock stewn cliff track (probably made by the goats that you meet on your walks) with a drop of about 150 feet and loose underfoot. I think that with a pole through the middle between the 2 of us we can carry it to safety. Even if we fail, it will be good fun trying! Dave
Its in the bag dave! These items are very rare. Like most relics of ww2,there disappearing fast. The headstones in the RN cemetery made me think! Perhaps the Bocn members might try a google search. Jack Mantle VC , HMS Foylebanke. It might make all those headstones come to life. Surelely thats whats its all about? Thanks for a great day.Tony.
:laugh: Never mind my thinning hair!

I know what you are up too,ya couple of rogues!

let us know how you get on with the mission and good luck.:tinysmile_twink_t:



Its there for the taking Paul. Dont forget the search for Jack Mantle VC. Portland and Weymouth were bombed as much as London. Pics to follow.:tinysmile_grin_t:
Sea Mines Interest.

I've had cause to dig up a number of sea mines type 93 donated by the Germans to the Japanese from a Jap tunnel in Sungei Nibong on Panang Island in 1968, with the help of "Jolly Jack" clearance divers from HMS Terror,when we stripped down( The Mines) found them to be in very good nick even the wiring, the Japs did us these mines and I've attached a couple of pictures. One is a cleaned out mine outside the O.C's office & the other is of a mnne washed up in AUS.

Japanese submarine I-6, laid 9 mines magnetic, including six German TMC type mines near the approaches to the Brisbane River on 13 March 1942. Can anyone confirm whether the mine washed up on the beach is linked to the mining operations of Japanese submarine I-6?
RE gards Eodone


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Very interesting,were these mines easy to make safe from a EOD point of view?Ie booby traps etc.:tinysmile_grin_t:
Jack mantle's headstone

photo of the brave lad's headstone. Sad that so many of the bodies recovered from the sinking remain unidentified.


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here more pics from a little german seamine
Well, that's not german for sure...
It's the standard cupola used in several british minesystems. I don't have my library at hand, but the lack of sockets for horns on the body and the two sockets on the top cover suggest that someone has replaced the cover on an influence mine with the cover from a contact mine.