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Sea recovered case


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Hi there can anybody help to identify a shell case that was trawled up by a fishing boat off the coast of Cornwall yesterday. I have cleaned it up best as possible, there are some markings which I have written down and photographed. The case is 88-89 mm in diameter and stands 180mm heigh whats left of it. Looks like its been in the water for some time:tinysmile_fatgrin_t


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Sea recovery

I am no expert on the big stuff, I will leave that to others, but I can tell you the date is 1897 and if has been loaded with Cordite Full Charge (CF) and has been reloaded once with another full charge (the second "F")

Now hopefully someone can identify exactly what it is from the dimensions.

Hi, could it be the top half of a 12 lb. 12 cwt. case? Ron.

Thanks Ron it looks identical to a 12lb .12 cwt case but were they 76mm where as this is 88/89mm diameter? The igniter in the base is however is identical to the one used in a 12 pounder
The 12 PR 12CwT is a tapered case, I measured the diameter of my case at 180mm from the base and its 88mm! looks like you've got a 12 PR 12 CwT.
The base of a 12 PR 12 Cwt should have a diameter of 104mm.
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12pr 8cwt case is 198mm long and has an od of 85mm at the open end, base dia 101mm. Its been in the sea a long time but its possible that some errosion from sand has also taken place. 2pr
The top half of the case where the thinner walls are looks to have been completely worn away by the sand, leaving what appears to be a half-length case.