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sectioned grenade

panzer 1

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This is the first grenade i have sectioned, I was reading about spotter doing his and thought i would give it a go. No 36 Mk1
panzer 1 dave.


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Nice one Dave,

i do like the quarter sections for the 36s. I am not brave enough to have a go at one of mine as ime sure ide make a pigs ear of it. Well done.

Nothing wrong with that, especially for a first attempt. I can't cut or draw straight to save my life ! (just don't tell my clients!:tinysmile_twink_t:) Tony.
First attempt

Hi Panzer, if that is your first attempt I think you have done a cracking job on it !
Nice to see all these sectioned items done in slightly different ways.
Chris :tinysmile_shy_t:
Thats a nice job, i lookforward to seeing your next project.
Regards Weasel.