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Sectioning Tool Help


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I am looking at sectioning items I currently own, non explosive type of course. I have recently bought a hobby tool and would like to know the best attachment to cut through metal and brass. Can anyone help or put me onto a website that sells such items
Personally i use a mixture of tools,angle grinder for hard cutting (large projectiles),hack saws ,files ,and the hobby tool,
with the hobby tool i find the small cutting discs tend to break very easy,there are discs available that look to be made of same stuff as grinder cutting discs and these i have found to be best ,get yorself plenty of scrap items to practice on
Pop into Sainsburys Homebase , you should be able to buy better quality cutting discs for use with that hobby tool , than those supplied .
I prefere to do it with a hachshaw and files and a hobby tool can come become handy. But most important of al be pacient with a hobbby tool you can go to fast and ruine your cutaway and I did !. I made a lot of cutaways and your most important tool is patience, don't overrush, take your time. I oldfaistioned so I use the shaw and file that works good. But be patient.
Guys, Many Thanks, it will be a long time to perfect but I am willing to try my best - thanks again for the info...