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Shell carboot find !


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I bought this at a carboot i was told its german ww1 1916 !
I`m not 100% sure, but it is old, markings are not to clear and look to read HMHG16, and there looks to be some small traces of grey paint,
the shell measures 9" tall (230mm), just short of 3" width (its 75mm) the thread is 20mm deep inside, the drive band has 32 rifling lines, 2.5mm wide, it sit`s inside the case 25mm where the ribs are,
does anyone know what it is ? and what case & fuse it had ? pictures would be a good help, thanks P.N


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Put some talcum powder on those stamps please matey and take another piccy. The talc really makes the numbers atand out for identification. :)


yes thats german !!

Yes thats an german 77mm ,,Feldschrapnell round !!for an FK 96 Feldkanone 96 from WW1 !!
There are some different kind of Fuze ,Double fuze 98 ,Double Fuze 96 and many ,more !!!
Here are some pics of fuze and round !!
This round are all same only the Fuzes are different the round on the right side dont show the right fuze and the between ring is not mounted !!

best regards David


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project me

I need a 77 badly for my trench. I have the casing, I have the fuze, just missing that all important heavy middle section known as the projectile. Jealous in Marissa...Dano
Marissa, isn't that close to the home of someone famous - Popeye?