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Shell ID Needed (x.1086)


Ordnance approved
Hi All.

I have just purchased a shell collection and would like to know what this and maybe what it is worth.-Regards Jay www.dugup.co.uk


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He/pi/smk ?

Well it looks like a 155 mm Field howitzer projectile that could be either HE-hope you can see it is empty ?
or Parachute Illuminating or possibly Base Ejection Smoke (SMK BE) stuffed into a Soviet Bloc 15.5 cm case-either way they do not belong together.
Take the projectile out to establish it is empty and the base will most likely be hollow where the bottom has been blown out to release the smoke cannisters or Flare and Parachute.
The projectile will have a series of stampings on the body usually midway and on one side, these stampings will usually tell you what it is.
Fuze number may also give a clue-ie, PDSQ-call the BD squad ! Time will be either of the other two options.
As for price I am sorry but I have no idea.
Best of luck

As to ID, I cant help you. But, judging by the rifling marks on the projectile, the barrel from which it was fired is getting very close to the end of its life. Havent got a close up of the shoulder have you?


Stencils on case side say it's 152mm. Case length should be 547mm for Howizer model 34 and 37. Same barrels were used in assault guns 152-SU and 152-JSU as well.
Your case is marked 152-37 and 152-CY (= SU ).
Shell must be post war type, or not for this case type as I the shell shown in my 1944 dated catalogue is different. Do I see white stencil 155 on the shell? Then it's not matching with case.
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