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shrape shells


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some old shrape rounds we have found


  • shrapes 75mm and 4.7.jpg
    shrapes 75mm and 4.7.jpg
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  • pusher plate 75mm.jpg
    pusher plate 75mm.jpg
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  • 75mm shells.jpg
    75mm shells.jpg
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  • 4.7.jpg
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  • 4.7 above.jpg
    4.7 above.jpg
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the clean 75mm I had picked up empty on a call, I rest are empty or unfuzed from range calls. I would like to see a picure of a restored 4.7 with the MODEL 1914-15 fuze.
I've found a few of the fuzes and nose cones , pusher plates and lots of the 45 cal shot but still haven't found a good shell yet.