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Skoda 10cm vz 14/19 Round

Big Dave

Premium Member
Hi just had this delivered a Czech Skoda 10cm , the case is stamped 1935 on the base and the German s have remarked it 1943 with the German eagle on the side .I believe these type of guns were installed at the Merville battery ,Normandy on D-Day.Did the Germans make their own rounds for these guns or were they all refilled Czech cases ?Any thoughts welcomed ,Dave


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Nice item !

Lovely item Big Dave, its not often that you see the original stencils on the case.
Is the projectile matching in dates ?

Chris :tinysmile_shy_t:
Czech Skoda 10cm ,sorry i dont know

Hi Chris the projectile is stamped 414 over 2 then below that 40 ,33 in a circle then 9-1168 sorry i dont know the meaning im sure someone will put me right regards Dave
Matching ! ?

Hi Big Dave sounds like you may have the matching projectile to the case with those stamps-someone here will confirm or otherwise.

Thanks for that Dave.

Chris :tinysmile_shy_t:
German 100mm leFH 14/19(t)

The Model 14/19 was essentially a revised and updated version of the Model 14 and served in the Czech army as the 100mm houfnice vz.14/19 during 1938. During WW2 the Germans used these guns and they were known as the 100mm leFH 14/19(t). Other nations that used the M.14/19 were Hungary, Poland, Jugoslavia and Greece. The Polish used these guns in service as the 10cm haubica wz.1914/1919 and in the German army these were to be known as the 100mm leFH 14/19(p), Jugoslav guns as the 100mm leFH 316(j) and the few Greek guns used were known as the 100mm leFH 318(g). Many of these captured weapons were passed to the Italian army which modified them with rubber wheels and other small modifications. Mostly used for coastal defenses, these guns in the Italian army were known as the 100mm Obice da 100/24.

Calibre: 100 mm
Length: 2400 mm
Elevation: between -7 to 48
Rifling length: 1899 mm
Weight in action: 1505 Kg
Maximum range: 9970 m
Muzzle velocity: 415 mps
Projectile weight: 14 Kg


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And here oryginal Czech drawings about 10cm vz.21 ammunition, with oryginal Czech nomenclature.



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Does anybody recognize this head stamp? It is Hungary made but is noted as 10 cm 14/33. What should be the case dimensions?


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