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Small thing with fins.


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Anyone know what this is.
The body part of it is only about 20mm in diameter.
All empty and inert etc.


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Automatic Shotgun;

I have seen the small folding fins such as in your image in projectiles for the automatic rapid fire shotgun. Don't know if yours is one of these.
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ive seen these before ,bit vague recollecting but THINK it was a west german sub calibre practice rocket round
I've seen a similar version of this. There is an 81mm mortar shortrange-full bore projectile that takes a propulsion cartridge about 20mm diameter and 200mm long. It propells the projectile out of the tube, and I believe it fires the projectile down the middle of the mortar projectile and out of the bore.
It is a sub calibre projectile made by NICO Germany..
The model shown, differs from the picture attached however lots of modifications are made on these pyro training aids.

The cut through model is the sub calibre training cartridge for the M72 LAW* contaning a similar folded wing projectile.
The elongated aluminium tubes in pic 2 are training are sub caliber rounds from NICO (first above is mortar).

*remark: sorry had to change this, thought it was a HK Pzf sub calibre.


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Thats great, thanks for all your help guys and in particular the sectioned photographs. Problem now solved.


Here is a photo of the 81mm subcaliber Full-bore projo and a couple more of the carts.



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Thanks John, nice items. Look forward to seeing more of your collection.

Sub calibre mortar training system - Projectile

Hi SG500,
It looks like I may have a more complete one of these, did you ever find out what it was fired from?

I can see from the thread that it is a used projectile from a sub calibre mortar training system produced by NICO-Pyrotechnik, now Rheinmetall, Germany.

In service with more than a dozen armies, a sub calibre mortar training system has been produced by Nico-Pyrotechnik. Like the Score sub calibre system, use of this mortar system is claimed to cost only some 20 per cent of full-sized rounds. The Nico-Pyrotechnik system makes use of full-sized dummy mortar rounds, which incorporate a 22 mm sub calibre cartridge. Used to replicate most standard calibres, this training system can cover a variety of ranges achieved by the use of four different charges out to a maximum of some 430 metres.



http://www.defensemunitions.com/nico/DM Rheinmettal mortar round catalog.pdf

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I don't believe that it is more complete, rather it is a different model. There are about a dozen dufferent types of these of these that have been used by the US alone, some with spotting charges.
Hi US-Subs,
The initial picture in the thread by SG500 is probably missing the front part of the projectile which includes a weighted aerodynamic point which my projectile has.

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