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Smoke grenade Training


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Hello all,
I'm still experimenting trying to section an L83A1 smoke grenade. As you will know these degrade rather quickly after use from the inside out. I've managed, to stabilise the aluminium shell but need to know how the lever/striker/ignition system works before I start chopping this part. Apart from the remains of the composition and cardboard contents all I've found is one spring which I'm conserving at present. If anyone can point me in the direction of an illustration or picture of the workings I'd be very grateful.
Thank you very much Spotter,
The drawing is exactly what I need. Will let you know how this turns out.
Best regards,
L83A1 Training Grenade


I am curious how you have made out with your cutaway. I have a couple of functioned L83's and I am trying to make a cutaway of one. I cut one that was in poor shape in half (body only). I plan to try to recreate the smoke pellets with molded spray foam, not sure about the rest of the components yet. I will experiment this week and hopefully be able to post some photos. Any advice on how to proceed with the fuse section?

Hello ammocat,
I've found this one a lot more difficult than I'd imagined. The internal corrosion was a lot worse than I thought so have had to carefully repair with "chemical metal" primed with aluminium paint first, and again after using various grades of emery cloth. For the card liner and spacers I'm using strong card tubes which came from map/paper delivery packaging.tHe spiral grooves can be filled and sanded as above. Card washers cut from computer photo paper boxes. The aluminium paint strengthens everything and is a good base to paint over. Centring spring stablised with "Kurust" as is the lower baffle. I must add that the job would have been virtually impossible without Spotters drawing for which I'm most grateful. I'm also thinking of using expanding foam for the filler as it's easily carved with a very sharp knife.
The latest problem is that to my dismay I've found the striker, helical spring and pivot are missing so will have to get those parts, shouldn't be too difficult. I hope to just make a small vee shaped cut to illustrate the workings so things don't fly out all over the place. I'll post some pictures soon even though there's not a lot to see just yet for a lot of tiresome work, but I like a challenge!
Good luck with your project, let me know how it's going?
All best,
Pictures L83A1

Hello ammocat,
Here are the pictures.


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