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Smoke - Rats - General B.S.

I don't have much point here, but hurt my leg and doctor gave me some ass-kickin' pain killers. Took a couple when I got up and just feel the need to post something. First is the M18 smoke grenade which I got off gun broker with canister for about 10 squid. I know absolutely nothing about the U.S. smoke rounds, so if anyone could help me there I would appreciate it (era etc...). Second is my pet trench rat next to my German Granatenwerfer projectile. I was think of G'werfers as I have one coming From SMLE2009 with the fins rusted away. Mine is a 4 fin, and I want to restore the other to a 3 fin unit..Enough on that subject. Lastly is a pic inside trench, which I posted because this shows most of my WWI stuff (which is first and foremost my collecting favourite), but since joining here I have really opened up and started collecting all over the place (which is just a blast)..Dano


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Hi Dano,
I dont know much about US or any other smoke grens but at a guess i would say it looks to be of Vietnam ish era.
I think you did rather well to pick that up for that money. The trench is looking good and should stay that way now you have a guard rat installed.
Best regards Weasel.

Thanks Weasel, I was thinking (and hoping) that it was from Vietnam era. I am going to make a special corner in bunker for Vietnam era ordnance. the prices are certainly pallatable and there is some coolamundo stuff from that era. thanks again..dano
Hi Dano.
Definately a later model of the M18 early ones were blue/gray with yellow stenciling. the M18 came in 4 colours red, green, yellow and violet.
cheers, paul.
40 knots no smoke

Thanks Paul, I appreciate the input. I was just on your site and checked out you U.S. smoke grenades and do see the difference. i don't know why I like this one so much, guess it has "eye appeal" to me. i would eventually like to get all the colors. Dano
Hi Dano, Great display. There are a lot of paint and stenciling variations out there for M18's. The top protrusion indicates that it's modern. Vietnam era ones were often painted brown and green. Unfortunately these things rust really badly and you need to get the contents out of them as soon as possible. Cheers Colin


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Appreciate it

Thanks kiwicolin and pointblank0 for the kind comments that I just love to hear. I really respect that after seeing the stuff in you guys collections, a compliment to the nth degree. I will be finishing #36 Mills soon and think it'll be a good one. good collecting...Dano
Thanks Paul, I appreciate the input. I was just on your site and checked out you U.S. smoke grenades and do see the difference. i don't know why I like this one so much, guess it has "eye appeal" to me. i would eventually like to get all the colors. Dano

Hi Dano,
Sorry to hear you hurt you leg my friend(hope it was'nt from useing your bomb disposal tools!!!) So what happens when you get all the colours of U.S. smoke grenades? start on the British ones?
Ouch! I do'nt believe I just did that to you!
Cheers Tony


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6 pack

Damn Tony, You just opened a whole new can of worms! Now those somke rounds look good, then you present it in a 6 pack, I don't have a chance, gotta get 'em, and eventually will. There are just too many "fish to be fried" but that's what makes it interesting. i may some day need a bigger basement. Dano
+ the old and the new

Not to worry chum,they have your name on them! will get them to you,not sure when just yet,got some shelling out to do this pay day!
Cheers Tony
P.S. they have two friends that want to emigrate as well!:tinysmile_classes_t


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Tony d man

Gee Tony, I have no idea what to say, but you know i'll get you back 1 way or another, you know me, takes me a few weeks to ship but think I have a couple of items yet you may want, if not i'll find them. I was just looking in your "playground" album and must say those areas and finds are a lifelong dream 4 me. I've pretty much been obsoleted in what I do, so to see the pics are great for me. I'll be going to St. Louis in 2 weeks so if you can compile a 'wish list' i'll see what I can do. I have been friends with a militaria dealer in St Louis for around 20 years, and I can rummage through his small stuff drawers with no problem, so give me an idea what you're looking for. Trading with you, my friend has been a blast and a never before experienced phenomenom and I like it. Think last time I was at "Alamo" he had a box of late 1890's ammo for 88 with good box markings (cardboard) Think if memory serves 50 rounds in box and if he still has them will be glad to get 4 you. I want to really fix you up this time because I feel you may have been getting short end of stick. Have stuff on way for #20 MK1 to make a total presentable piece of it (all thanks to BOCN (including you)), never had one before so it is a real excitment 2 me. Will send off what I promised on sept 3rd, to me this is working out fantastickly and I hope U feel same way. I actually hope that someday we can meet in person as I already have pic in my mind what you are like and think we would get along tremoundously talking ordnance and drinking a pint in a good ole British PUB. Maybe someday.. as I will Get to Blighty, may be later than sooner but will get there...Dano
Hi Dano,
Please don't think that I'm getting the short end of the stick,I do'nt,these grenades are a pain in the a**e on the training area,they are all over the place out there & the dogs keep picking them up for me to throw for them"Actung grenaten".Older stuff is a bit more harder to find,but I know a lot of "hot" spots! It would be great if you did get over & we could spend a few days out there,you might have to reserve a cargo hold to get your finds home!!! By strange coincedence I have just bought some 88 stripper clips on e-bay(from the states!). One thing I do know is that we have the same type of humour! Good ole English pub A? got some bad news on that one my friend,they are getting few & far between over here now,you probably have more in th U.S!
Cheers Tony