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Smoothie m1917 German WW1 egg grenade

Well folks, Todays mail just came and I got a pleasant surprise. A BOCN member, that i'd love to credit for this, (but he wishes to remain un-named) sent me a smooth m1917 German WW1 egg grenade for free! Un-freakin-believable, now I will re-pay this kind act somehow in near future, already have the smooth egg (not rare , but far more scarce than m1917 n/A with grip ring) but nothing wrong with two. I have another source where I can order the m1913 bronze loop pull friction igniter (the most correct for this early egg) even though igniters used on the egg (thumbnail B) would be all 5 of the "usual suspects". I just cannot fathom the kind acts that have been bestowed upon me from members of BOCN (think I need a hankie). Far out...Dano


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Oops, forgot to add thumbnail B (the igniters) The one i'm after, the m1913 bronze friction igniter is on far left hand side....... Dano
P.S. Still looking for the m1916 percussion igniter (far right) but this is an extremely rare one.......................One has been on gunbroker for months, but too pricey


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sure will

I sure will Rick, but these caps are tough to find. The metal is so thin that many rusted away years ago. GWM had one pretty reasonable, that I wish i'd have bought, now gone. Ironically I destroyed the cap on mine, but was at least pleasantly surprised when inside was original chain and pottery pull ball (similar to stick grenade pull but much smaller). Still trying to figure if it was worth it, but curiousity was killing the cat on that one..Dano
'13 bronze igniter

Was toying in workshop this morning, trying to re-produce the m1913 German bronze friction igniter to fit smooth m1917 egg that came in this mornings post. Took a bolt that fit in egg, then cut off head. Made seam line with dremel, and drilled hole in side and top to accept a rose bush twistie (out of stock on them) and painted a brass tone and here is what I ended up with..Dano


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pottery pull for m1917 German tin igniter

Hey rick, Been trying to get a decent image for you of the pull bead for the '17 tin igniter, and this pic is the "best I can do". Keep in mind that string was used to connect the bead to igniter as well as chain like in my picture...Hope it helps...Dano


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Thanks for the pic Dano. Any reference to the size of the bead and the length of the string.... I wanna make a repro for my egg as well. :tinysmile_fatgrin_t
Bead size

Missingsomething, Bead pull is 13mm across and 7mm thick at center (thickest point), string about 1 inch long, chain pull about 3/4 inch long, and the more I crop, the croppier the image gets...Dano