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Grenades on attached photos spent about 60 years in stone wall fence since wwii. Grenades were found one month ago when one of the peasants inhabited in area was removing stone wall on his property. All thing happened near city Stolac in Bosnia and Herzegovina which was during wwii in Italian occupation zone.

If anybody have some technical documentation on this grenades that would help me to preserve them i will be more than gratefull.

on net i have only found this:


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Danger !!

The grenades are very dangerous !!!

is very dangerous because the safe is corroded and could
explode to a minimum shock! It is not a time ,but an IMPACT grenade!
It's an allway-fuze :tinysmile_twink_t:
Good Luck


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grenades are disarmed and HE capsule is removed and disposed according to safety standards. my general problem is in restoration of aluminum parts and change of rusted components.

i also, according to forum policy, have to say that i am EOD trained and that items on pictures are dealt by trained professionals.

thanks all for information.
So,in this way things are differents.For alluminium you can polish it with "brillo or scrubs,I hope you now these are special soapy sponges which will make the alluminion bright,instead for the iron part use the electrolys system.
can i use red spray paint to restore original color of 'red devil'?
this is my first 'full restoration' so any tip will do good.
If I were you,I wouldn't repaint them,but at max give them some varnish paint like "flating" or similar.