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some .22


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Saw these .22 in a friends collection yesterday,he didnt know anything about them ,wondered if you guys could help..
The first bulleted one has a waist ?? headstamp N in a shield
2nd bulleted one has a strange shaped bullet headstamp hard to read something like U speed
other two the longer dark one has no headstamp,the other has a yellow seal in the neck (correct me on this tony) the headstamp again is hard to make out but looks like either 4F or LF in a shield

thanks for looking allan


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The first one looks like some sort of a .22 centrefire with an inside primer. Number 2 I don't know, but the headstamp of a "U" indicates either Union Metallic Company or Remington which was taken over by UMC in 1912 (?).

The others appear to be .22 shotshells of various kinds. The headstamp is GFL in a mongram, Guillo Fiocchi Lecco of Italy.