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Some 4.5" Howitzer headstamps


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I really like these British 4.5" Howitzer cases. Here are the headstamps of my four examples.

The two headstamped "M.A.C." were made by Montreal Ammunition company, Montreal, Canada.

The one headstamped "C M M" with the triangles was made by Curran Metal & Munitions, Cardiff.

The one headstamped "WPSC" was made by "Worcester Pressed Steel Co., Worcester, MA, USA"


  • 4.5_how_hs.JPG
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  • 4.5_how_hs_2.JPG
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  • 4.5_how_hs_3.JPG
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$.5 howitzer

Great 4.5 howitzer sheel casing headstamp showing Falcon. I also really like the 4.5 casings, thanks for showing..Dano