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Some former Yugoslavian handgrenades.


Ordnance approved
The former Yugoslavia defiantly has the most types of hand grenades in the world. During the war a wide range of grenades was produced and also purchased abroad. Here some pictures of these which were all encountered in and near Bugonjo.
First photo, top row; Egyptian No 2 offensive and defensive, M-75 type unmarked and M-75 practice.
Second row, al unknown designation and inner works for the M-93 hand grenade.
Third row, 2 x M-93 1 x unknown and RG-42 unknown country.
Fourth row 3 times unknown and a Iranian fragmentation grenade.

Second photo, fragmentation grenade made by the Vitezit factory.

Third photo, some different marked M- 79 anti tank hand grenades, one of the most dangerous type ever made.

Fourth photo some different types off grenades deliffert in at a operation harvest.

All of these has been taken care of by EOD


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Here some more unknown grenades. Note that this is just a small colection of grenades used and produced.
All taken care of by EOD.


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And here one of the most crude and strange grenade I encounterd. It was filled with about 1 kilo of plastic explosives and a kilo of nailes, one for strong men.


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on this pic you can see 'sarajka' handgrenade produced in sarajevo ordnance manufacture, and also BIM grenade and M75 behind.


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Thanks blu97,excellent pics!!!

On your first picture,third grenade in the last(fourth) row is croatian made,it is called "Rapidovka",they were made in the firm Rapid,in Virovitica,Croatia at early 90s.
There were 3 types of Rapidovka hand grenade:
1.first type was assembled with the fuse
2.second type was assembled with the improvised impact fuse
3.third type was assembled with fuse from drill yugoslavian M-75 grenade,but with improvised detonator.Also,after some time,when croatian firms addopted making a copy of yugoslavian M-75 fuse by using the original matrix,Rapidovka grenades were assembled with those croatian made copy of M-75 grenade fuze made of black plastic(the same as yugoslavian but without markings made of four black digits at the top of the spoon).
In your second post,the first grenade with improvised impact fuse seems to me like so called "Famosovka" made in bosnian firm FAMOS in Sarajevo.

I have some pics of croatian improvised grenades so can i put them in this topic?
Thanks blu97,excellent pics!!!

On your first picture,third grenade in the last(fourth) row is croatian made,it is called "Rapidovka",they were made in the firm Rapid,in Virovitica,Croatia at early 90s.

similar grenade was produced in zeljezara zenica steal factory.
similar grenade was produced in zeljezara zenica steal factory.
Do you have a good photo of that grenade??
I know that those "Rapidovka" grenades made in Croatia were painted in green,black or sometimes in red(primer antirust red color).
I will put their photos now,just a moment.
Here are two my "Rapidovka" hand grenades made in Croatia,in firm Rapid in Virovitica.You can see that one of them is completly unpainted and the other one is originally painted green.They were painted in green,black or red(primer antirust red color),and that firs version with the pyrotechnic fuse(cord) had two version of metal caps-made of steel or made of brass.I have the brass cap for this on the right side of the photo,but I have to find it somewere in my house.They will be ristorated very soon,the left one will be painted black and the right one will be painted in the same green(I mixed the same color for my ristoration project):

On this photo you can see that my Rapidovkas' are completly empty and inert without any kind of explosive or detonator(detonator blasting cap is removed from the pyrotechnic cord(fuse):

I really cant't beliave what I see-croatian "Rapidovka" grenade is the same as that from Zenica steel company on the pic you've posted al'saad
On the photo bellow you can see two hand grenades also made in croatian steel company in Sisak,they were called "RB Zeljezara Sisak":

You can see that the left one is painted originally in some olive-drab color and that the right one is originally painted in black color.
Also they are completly empty and inert.

On my last photo there is one of the most rare grenades made in Croatia during early 90s.There were only 100 pcs made for the Croatian army,they were made in thermo-energy plant Sisak,in Sisak,Croatia.You can see that it was also originally painted in some kinf of olive-drab color.It will be ristorated very soon:

It is also completly empty without any explosives or detonator.
here are some of the grenades produced in metalurgic institute in zenica. most of them were with percussion fuse, but several were with safety lever.
those grenades were produced for bosnian forces, and used mostly in central bosnia.


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Hi guys, great thread ! I have this grenade in my collection, LCN kindly identified it for me some time ago as a Zeneca ? grenade, seeing as you are this part of the world, do you guys have any more information for me? many thanks, Tony.


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@goran croatia:
grenade on first pic is made of steel and safety handle is made of plastic.

yours grenade is so called 'zenevka' grenade. body is made of plastic with steel wire coil inside. it is made in sarajevo ordnance manufacture and may be found in green, black and brown color.

here is detailed photo of one from my collection


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Many thanks for that, the base on mine is a loose push fit and comes off easily, maybe a practice model ? I do not have it here, but will take a picture and post it later, Tony.
i would rather said that bottom was cut of so that filling can be removed
Grenade from Srebrenika

Some grenade founded in a metalurgic factory in Sebrenika.

The 2nd one in the Al'Saad pictures is called from Ordata: "RB-M93P2"


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First of all thanks for the overwlming replys, and feel free to post your pics. sofar I have seen some 6 handgrenades i never saw, thanks for that. Here some more pics.
first- two x M-85.
second- steel M-93.
third- 4 different M-93s ( second and fourth made by Unas Binas in Bugonjo and the second, if I am right in Croatia).
Fourth- M-91.
fifht- M-92.


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Some more.
1. M-94.
2 Unkown nomenclature, made of brons.
3 Unkown nomenclature, made of brons.
4. Zeneva 0,4.
5. RB 100.


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