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some kind of bomb ?


The part is fantasy!! Plot-hurry looks as of an KE-arrow.:tinysmile_cry_t4:
Unknown bomb?

When I read the description of the markings it must made by Bofors of Sweden. the capital letter B with the arrow is there branch marking.
Will have a look for more information

The fins look to small to be normal on the item. Also the brass adapter ring looks out of place on it.

Honestly it looks like one of those items we used to whip together to teach the guys how to document first seen ordnance.
I think I'd agree with that - a Tech-Intell problem for sure. No apparent method of delivery, doesn't look like a sub I've ever seen. I'd hesitate before bidding.
OK, I hesitated. Still never seen it before, but I can't miss a chance. If I get it I'll let you guys know what it looks like.
2 kg incendiary bomb

2 kg elektronbrandbomb m/38, made by Bofors.
produced in a small number 1939 .


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I'm glad I was right That it is Swedish.
Do you have any documentation About the item Rothenfuhrer?

4 lb Incendiary Programme - Bofors

There is a British connection albeit slight. The Bofors was selected for trials for the 4lb Incendiary Programme. The 'slightness' is summed up by an entry in Ordnance Board proceedings for 1938:

"2Kg Bofors Bomb
Climatic trials have been completed, the fillings deteriorate rapidly and after a short time the bombs fail to function."

An example exists/existed in the reserve collection of the IWM.

There was a suggestion that the bomb was used as a training aid by the ARP, presumably using the stock acquired for trials which would make sense given the interest in incendiary countermeasures in the run up to the war.
I checked times in my documents and of Bofors the following bombs found. I hope it help little. I believe the part am original!!! Harry


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It was also produced in Finland, jeef I hope you get this rare bomb.


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This was in a catalogue of a private company in Finland, I don't know if they ever made or sold any but I have never come accross one here.
In the same catalogue there are also some other quite fancy aerial bombs that I have never seen in nature.