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some more .30-06.


hi all.

I do have some .30-06 rounds here a friend of mine
came up with thinking they would fit my nr4 mk1* enfield.

can anybody identify these rounds for me. the headstamps read:
SL-4, SL-43 and D E N-44. there is a golden shine at the tip of the
bullets. the D E N one has a red primer. all bullets are magnetic.

any info welcome. werner.


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The SL 43 & SL 4 were made at Saint Louis ordnance plant in 1943 & 1944 and the DEN 44 was Denver ordnance plant in 1944. M2 ball ammo usually had a lead core, M2 ball alternitive had a mild steel core instead of lead. M2 armor peircing ammo had a hardened steel core and the tip of the bullet dipped in black lacquer.

I suspect the "golden colour" on the tip of your round is where the black paint identifying an armour piercing M2 bullet has worn away.