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some more collection


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Some more pictures of the collection.


  • collectie 8.jpg
    collectie 8.jpg
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  • collectie 9.jpg
    collectie 9.jpg
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  • overloon 024.jpg
    overloon 024.jpg
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    overloon 046.jpg
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Excellent collection!

Those bombs look superb! Are they original paint and stencilling?



Hi Fjordhouse,
Wow, what a collection you have very nice, congrats on your time and effort to collect such great items.
Very impressive.

Hi Fjordhouse what an impressive collection, thanks for sharing it with us and is there any chance of you retaking that slightly blurred picture please.

Chris :tinysmile_shy_t:
Very impressive collection , or should I say nice museum! Congradulations on assembling such a large amount of ordnance!