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Some of my German ww2 A/T-A/P display !


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This is my display of German ww2 a/t-a/p items from fuzes to panzershreck with rockets, i just added 5 new items to the display and will update pictures when next displayed ! MOST ITEMS RESTORED BY MYSELF !, as i enjoy returning rusty items to there former glory so enjoy the pictures .......


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Hi P,

I certainly do remember the display at Beltring now. :) Excellent work,love the cutaway S-mine.
Hope you got my PM ok?


a highly considerable display, Panzerknacker.
all respect and appreciation for that :top:

wish I would have some missing bits out of this magnificence :tinysmile_cry_t4:
Nice work Panzerknacker,

You can definately tell alot of hard work and effort went into restoring those pieces, excellent display!