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Some of my items from an old sea range


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These Drive Bands were recovered from one of the south coast firing ranges.

I also have two which are soaking at the moment but measure
28" x 3 1/2" both have split on firing not like these being whole.


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3.7 inch, 40 mm/2 pounder etc

Very interesting items there!
I think the second picture is of a 3.7 inch Driving band and note you also have a 2 pounder and what I think may be a WW1 57mm 6 Pounder.

Have you dissolved the steel shell body to obtain these ?

Thanks for showing us.
Chris 42 RQ

Thanks for your reply and information, thats what i am after info on them.

No the bands were given to me like this. All i have done is soak them in Tesco own brand 13p vinegar! and a quick polish!
With being in salt water for years, the shell would completely rust away, leaving only the copper band. It doesn't even have to rust away completely, just enough for the corrosion plus the force of it being rubbed against the rocks by the waves would probably allow the band to be dislodged