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Some of the other stuff


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Here are some manufacturer's plates from German Aircraft, some of the other "stuff" I collect:
Thanks for showing the merc badge if i had seen that at a fair or boot sale i would have thought it was from a car,,bet these are rare
This is the badge from a Daimler-Benz aircraft engine, DB601 type. Every plane had at least one attached. So, I can't rightly say that it is rare, however, not many are floating around these days.
Hello Waff:

I came across a group of these about 25 years ago at a militaria show, got them cheap and decided I was a collector. Picked a few more up through the years and after trading with a few friends, have a small, framed group of them in my office. Where I live, you don't come across things like this very often.

Thanks, JIMBO