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something to spice you all up a bit!


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Here we are chaps!
i was going to wind you all up next April 1st and say i found all this lot at a carboot sale or an antique shop!:xd:
Well old waffy aint that rotten with his pals in BOCN.
These are a few rounds from my mates collection i was looking at today and thought i would picture them for your perusal!

What can you tell me about them please?



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Another nice round..


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Nice rounds Waff.
Is that a gau 8 necked to 25mm on the right of the first picture (the one with the Gau 7 projetile by the case?).
Hi Waff,

photo no.5 looks to be of an 'atomic annie' sub cal. (20mm) proj.usually of DU so may be weighty.

cheers Bob.
cheers boys for the replies,im relying on you to tell me then i will match up with the list Mick has.
Bit of a quiz i suppose!

Tip for waff ,,next time take a note book and list whats on the pics youve taken e.g pic 1 =
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What's AMDS with the 25x173? Anti Missile Discarding Sabot?

Regards DJH
I dunno matey,these are part of his `inner sanctum` collection and i cant see the old boy parting with this lot?


Hi Waff,

photo no.5 looks to be of an 'atomic annie' sub cal. (20mm) proj.usually of DU so may be weighty.

cheers Bob.
This is not for the "Atomic Annie", which was a 280mm cannon firing a nuclear shell. This spotting round is for the "Davy Crockett" recoilless tactical nuclear warhead, it was fired from a spotting rifle mounted under the barrel (can be seen in picture). Yes, 1960s thinking wa sfiring small nuclear warheads at ranges where they could be sighted in be a visible flash from a spotting projectile! Yes, that black bomb shaped projectile is a nuclear warhead!

Good info there Falcon, thanks.
Here's a couple more pictures of the Davy Crockett 20mm spotter rounds.
No these aren't the DU version, they're tungsten alloy of some sort, the DU projectile is much darker.
The one on the right is the service round, the one on the left is the expt version that wasn't adopted.
There is a 37mm version as well, I'll dig out the case I've got and take a picture.
I wouldn't fancy being the unlucky person looking for the flash before firing off the big one!! It bet it wasn't too popular.


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Hi Dave ,

I stand corrected!.
I've got one of the expt. 2 part cases and am planning to make a proj. for it when i can get some lathe time.

Cheers Bob.
Hi Bob, If you need me to take any measurements off the projectiles I have let me know. Does your case unscrew? You should be able to see the high/lo pressure chamber in the base of the case - it looks like the top of a pepper pot.
Thanks gents for the info.:shakehands:
Next time im over at my pals,i will root out some more goodies.


Hi Dave ,

Yes, the case unscrews with the 'pepper' shaker in steel base,aluminium top.
Will take you up on the offer when i'm sorted.
Funny how these things get about ,certainly alien in nuclear free NZ!

Cheers Bob.
Are there any legel restrictions against owning DU rounds in the UK? I know in the USA there are inert DU rounds in all sorts calibres in private hands.