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South African Border War 20x139 Rounds


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Here is a set of nice 20x139 rounds that I got from a collector in SA who is not on this forum.

These have all been inerted by unscrewing the primers, dumping the powder and removing the tracer element from the projectiles.

The markings are interesting as they combine South Africa's own marking codes, as well as British and American style markings.

See photo below: From left to right:

Headstamped 20MM820A 019 -CUT- 79 AA
The projectile markings read:
20 mm APCT (T) Z
025 A 80

The colour coding, that red "(T)" for tracer and the "Z" look like British pre-NATO. See attached close-up photo of projectile.
The stampings into the projectile body read: A 80 AA

Ball / Practise:
Headstamped 20mm A 86 JV
This was made on the "A" line at Pretoria Metal pressing in 1986. The "JV" must be a lot number code.
The projectile markings read:
20mm PRAC
820 A 128 B 86

The "PRAC" is very British, whereas the "M1A2" is very American.The stampings into the projectile body read:
20mm PRAC
86 BA

Ball / Practise Tracer:
This was actually made by Manurhin in France, and is headstamped: "20MM 820 A AA 34 75 MR"
The projectile markings read:
T T T OE 20 x 820 A
MR 04-10/75

The stampings into the projectile body read:


I would be interested if anyone could tell me the meaning of any of the markings, thanks in advance for the info.


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Very nice items.

Very nice items Falcon !
I particularly like the A.P.T.

I have a 23 mm ZU H.E.I. round that also shares similar markings and I do not know who produced it or much else for that matter regarding this round.
I found this picture on the on the net, it says it was old ammo that was to be destroyed. Seems like they issued whole belts of the APT. It looks like there is a belt of four HEI(?) to one unknown of 20x82 as well.


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