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Souvineer U.S. 1 pdr. rounds


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These are often seen but the company that distributed them and likely made the small brass plaques that are on some is generally unkown. Most casings have a curious elongated letter C with four XXXX inside, ending in a small letter o, this might seem to mean the 4X co. How ever a few casings are marked in addition to the XXXX Co ,
Johnston & Seckendorf

some also have the full company address;

Johnston & Seckendorf
9 W 4th St., New York, NY

I also show the company listing from a 1922 Jewelry and Silver
supplier listing catalogue. It indicated that the company made
fasteners, so they had metal working equipment. The full round shown is on ebay,
it has unusual damage to the case ! The projectiles in these are unmarked Navy 1pdr.
MKII MOD1 or the Army MK1 STEEL SHELL, these were nickel plated, which is often flaking now. Other examples have unmarked cases and various types of projectiles, these made not have been supplied by the same company. The first example is lightly struck, so it is hard to make out.


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