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Soviet WW2 37mm M39


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Hi is this shell the above as I am finding it hard to find any info apart from a piccy the same as mine on quarry website.
Cheers Daz
P.s thankyou all for the great work on researching the 45mm brixia .
This ammunition is suitable for use with 37 mm. field artillery AA guns, Model 1955, including twin version.This is used to destroy low altitude aircraft and missiles. It is also effectively used against ground targets.


From Site www.pof.gov.pk

Cheers Mad B)

Hope it helps.
Found pictures in a 1999-2000 Jane's ammunition handbook.

Your round looks like 'FRAG-T, OR-167'

This round uses a projectile weighing 730g with a high-framentation forged steel body. The projectile walls are relatively thick and the otherwise solid base houses a No 5 tracer element. The two types of fuze that may be threaded into the nose are MG-8 or MG-37. Both fuzes are point detonating with self-destruct operating between 8 and 12 seconds. The explosive filling is between 35 and 40g of A-IX-2 (RDX/Aluminium).

Are there any markings or dates on your projectile?

Nice one Quatermass dont have Janes :( have to do it from pics i took in a very warm country :laugh:

Cheers Mad B)
Right then the markings on the projectile are as following from left to right.

MR-8 883 44r 350

theres also an IX on the driving band .

Thanks all so far