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Spanish grenades PO 1, Practice and EA M5


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Here are a couple of pics of Spanish grenades from my collection. The black one is model PO 1 and is a very similar design to the British WW2 No 69 grenade. This one is also made of black Bakelite, and has a very similar fuse assy, as you can see, stipped down, it comprises of quite a few parts. It is also fitted with a removable external fragmentation coil.
The red one is a practice/drill model, is mostly made of plastic with a metal weight and contains no fuse etc. You can probably see that it has suffered a bit from being thrown around.
The blue and black one has the model No EA-M5, is INERT filled and glued together, so I am not sure if it has any internal components. Tony.


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A few more....

A few more....


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A very good question, I have checked my documents and the PO series of grenades were still listed as current in the late 70's early eighties, but I cannot find when they were introduced. By the design, and the fact that it closely resembles the British No 69, I would think that they date from the 1950's but I am sure someone else will know more.
Ok, just found out ! 1948 is the date we are looking for, I was'nt too far out ! :nerd:
Thanks Roller,reason i asked was with the 247 style fuze ,i wondered if Britain had copied the fuze design from Spain or Spain from Britain,,or was it from somewhere else ??
Another good question, definitely Spain copying Britain, if I remember correctly, we were experimenting with all-ways fuses for grenades during WW1. The earliest I can think of is the No 30 grenade of 1916. Other countries that spring to mind that have used similar grenade fuses are Belgium and Israel. I am sure there must be more. Tony.
1950's/60's Belgian allways grenade fuse diagram

1950's/60's Belgian allways grenade fuse diagram


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Thanks for taking the time to add the extra info tony,,much appreciated ..allan