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Special one


Do Germany made some copy from this fuzes ?

Hi Fjordhouse,
Looks to be a proximity fuze, But for what?.......
Best Weasel.
Proximity fuze T-152

Regarding Ben's fuze, this is the T-152 (or M93) proximity nose fuze, which was used in late WW II & later by the US in their 90mm HE-projectiles for the AA-guns M1, M1A1 & M2. This proximity fuze was only used for this caliber. It was used for engagement of low flying targets over friendly territory. The fuze incorporates a self-destruct switch, which will activate the explosive train of the fuze and detonate the HE-filler of the projectile after approx. 14sec. (TM 9-1901, 1950). I attached 2 images, one shows my fuze with identical LOT markings as Bens fuze and the additional "90" in purple color, which means it was used for 90mm guns, and another cutaway from me, which shows the safety/arming base assembly with aux. booster MK 44.
Mrfuze, USA


  • T 152 A VT, 1, US,.jpg
    T 152 A VT, 1, US,.jpg
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  • T 152 A VT, cut, 1, US,.jpg
    T 152 A VT, cut, 1, US,.jpg
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Thankyou for adding the extra info Mrfuze, A great section as well another one of yours?

Yes, I made it a couple of years ago.
Is more work than it looks like, especially the battery part.
Mrfuze, USA