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special thanks to the British headstamp makers

Ever turn over a German shell casing, it's just a "crapshoot" as to whether you can make out the headstamp or not, almost as if they did not plan on someone collecting these things someday. On the other side of the coin is the British headstamp. They used big PHAT ASSED lettering and date. when you look at a WW1 british shell casing head stamp you don't even need magnification to plainly read it. So this Bud is for you Mr. British shell PHAT ASSED LETTERED casing headstamp maker! The value of this post. Absolutely nothing. But I love the British headstamp and wanted to see it in print. have a wonderful day...Dano
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- @ dano1917: Not all the headstamp markings can help to identify fast the maker, the quality control markings, etc. Yes, the British headstamp markings [stamped especially on the large caliber shells] seem to offer a clear history of the round itself but the French or the German headstamp markings also give plenty of interesting info. The Japanese headstamp markings are harder to be understood but not impossible. I'll post soon a headstamp photo for a German made [in 1938] 37mm round [37X263B] and I'm going to explain the meaning of all markings but you have to post my picture. Orita 07/10/09
no problem

Hi Orita, no problem as I will be glad to post pic(s) for you. The main thing I was refering on the British headstamps is the sharpness of the strikes. Easy to read and when your eyes get as bad as mine you'll further appreciate my meaning. cheers...Dano