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Spigot Mortar Ammo types 1943


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Hi guys, I am starting this thread with a coloured drawing from a manual dated 1943. It shows the updated markings on Spigot Mortar ammo, also known as the Blacker Bombard, an anti tank weapon adopted by the Home Guard. The weapon itself is well documented, but not so much the ammunition for it, does anyone else have other pics or drawings they can show, or maybe a picture of any projectiles in ther collection ? many thanks, Tony.
Hi Tony,
just found this topic.
It amazes me, I always thought that the BB was end war/post war.
The only war-thingy on the spigot I knew was the Flying Dustbin.
Same weapon or am I mistaking there too?

Is there any chance I could encounter the BB here in the field?
Already found a FD.

Cheers, Lex
Hi Lex, I would be surprised if you found a Spigot Mortar round outside the UK, but you never know, stranger things have happened. It was a heavy weapon that needed to be assembled before use or mounted on a fixed concrete post or "thimble". I do not know much about the Flying Dustbin, but know that it was mounted on an AFV and looks similar in operation.
Spigot Mortars were mainly used by the Home Guard but were also used in airfield defence by the RAF Regiment. We have a fixed SM post near my house, which is by a canal. hope this is of some interest. Tony.