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Spotter Requires Urgent ID


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Hi All, just got this pic from spotter who's away atm hence its me posting. If anyone can help ID it'd be appreciated as its rather urgent. Thanks.

Round on the left is 9mm to show scale, round on the right is one in need of identification.

Thanks for posting this Bolo,,
Still not yet identified ,any help still welcome
All i have is this photo and it was found in the UK
Thanks for looking spotter
Not my field but I know some modern anti tank weapons use a 9mm spotting rifle on them. I have found this link with a picture of the complete round, the head looks similar, just an idea. Tony. Link: world.guns.ru/grenade/gl26-e.htm
I believe this is a fired bullet from the 9x51mm Spotting rifle used on the SMAW Rocket Launcher. The cartridge is unique in its design and operation in that it contains a separate inner case that holds the propellant charge. When the round is fired, the inner case in pushed out slightly, operating the self-loading spotting rifle. The round cosists of a 7.62x51 case necked out to 9mm, with a crimped blank made from a .22 Hornet case inserted into the bottom as the inner case. The spotting rifle and ammunition were developed by Radway Green in the 1980s. I believe Spotter's fired bullet is the tracer loading as the spotting round would have detonated on impact. There is some information and photos of a sectioned round here:


I hope this helps.
Thanks very much for identifying this Roller and Falcon your help is appreciated
Here are pictures of a live round, afired case and two different drill rounds.


Here is a photo of some 9mm Spotter rounds.

Live round, fired round and two different drill rounds.

Heres a sectioned drawing of the round.
This is the spotting round used in the British LAW 94 Anti Tank disposable launcher just recently made obsolete.
Paul. ;)