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Springfield stripper clip

Hi all. Last weekend, while at my favorite militaria shop, in the WW1 section they had a 5 cartridge stripper clip. Now I know very little to nothing about small arms shells but thought it would look good in the trench. 4 of the shells are embossed on bottom 30-06 SPRG R-P and the 5th shell is embossed 30-06 SPRG F-G. I assume these are for the m1903 US Springfield rifle. Any way of guessing on date of shells. Any information is appreciated. Dano


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Dano, GI ammo even from the WWI period will have a 2 digit year of manufacture in the head stamp like FA 18 or such. your cases are comercial Remington and Federal production.

Thank you Gijunkman, That was the info I was looking for. I guess they're not wartime production but will still display good in trench. Now I know what to look for as they had a box full of cartridges on stripper clips and it gives me something to look for. Thanks again....Dano
Dano, went looking through some old gi .30-06 carts. that I have and found these headstamps FA 12 08, FA 5 16, U.S.C.Co. 18, and RA H 18. So I guess I only gave you part of the info on 06 headstamps from that time period. For id of cartridge cases you might try the cartridge collectors site. http://www.cartridgecollectors.org/ :tinysmile_fatgrin_t

I think it looks like that because the left hand case is too far in.

It would make no difference if it was a 7.62mm charger as the head diameter of 7.62 and 30-06 is exactly the same.

US mauser style stripper clips had a tab on either end to keep the cartridges from falling off and to keep them centered as they overhung a little on each end. I believe the brass ones like this were eliminated early in or before WW2. All the ammo I have in '03 clips from WW2 the clips are the same design but made of steel.
P.S. All the 7.62mm clips I've seen are made of steel. http://homepages.ihug.co.nz/~kevin_a/index.html
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.3006 Drill Rounds

This is one of the .3006 Chargers that I have.



30-06 Drill

The fluted cases with the green paint are Remington made for British military contract, probably for the RAF.

The fluted cases with the green paint are Remington made for British military contract, probably for the RAF.


Yep :tinysmile_fatgrin_t Thanks TonyE

Most of the cases that I have seen were '40's dated. I did find the one 39 dated one and the 30-06 marked ones.... Do you or does anyone know when the contract to the British was made for them? I wonder why the different headstamps?