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Ss 11 b-1 or agm 22


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Were doing a restoration project on a ss-11b1. But it's in bad shape. And we've found what we could on the internet. Does anybody have any good pics of this item. Close up if you could.
Pzgr40, that is one hell of a beautiful sectioning job on the SS11! I like the way you were able to support the 4th wing over the sectioned motor area. Can you add more photos of how you supported the wing with the wire?

Was this missile inert loaded when you got it? The National Guard fired these from Hueys here in the Western U.S. in the 70s. The ones we saw here were French Aerospatiale.

just what i was looking for. that shows how to but all the iternals we have in the right spot. now i need are the correct colors and stenciles for US service
Some more pics of US colour schemes. Maybe this will help you?

@ Hazord; of cource it was completely empty! Posessing or tampering (partly) loaded ammo is a severe crime over here when not auhorized as EOD personel. Mine was a factory inert lesson model.

Regards DJH
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You will have to excuse my question, but I don't know if you are EOD or not, and it looks so nice, like it came out of the box.