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St Louis outing

This friday, the wife and I are going over to St. Louis to get cheap cigarettes. 2 miles from the smoke shop is Alamo Military Collectibles where obviously I will be stopping in there. From there it's over to The Veteran's War Memorial militaria museum. there is so much cool ordnance and grenades there that I will take the camera and post here pics. Their WW1 collection is just "tits up". They have a load of big stuff there as well as just an awesome display of everything your imagination can conjure. Alamo always has at least 1 or two items to pick up. The last time I went there about a month ago I picked up a model of 1907 Scoville fuse for the 75mm shell, a complete 37mm HE shell and projectile dated 1 -18 (French) and another shell casing dated 11 -17 all together for the crazy price of 40.00us! I just love that place. There is always 4 or 5 guys in the back room talking WAR stuff but with the wife along I guess i'll have to forgo that part of it. Can't wait.........Dan
Gspragge shit happens !!

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Hi, I'm not familiar with Liberty Museun. This one is called Veterans War Memorial. When I go over the top friday I will double check on the name because if there is another war museum in St. Louis i'd sure like to know about. there is a museum at Jefferson Barracks in another part of St. Louis but not sure what it's called. Whatever, i'll post some pics friday afternoon. I guess with the ladies along I won't get a lot of time to spend there. Dano