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Starter cartridge ?


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Hello All,
Looking through my odds and ends box I found a starter cartridge
someone once gave me.It's 70mm x 180mm R,and headstamped CART.ELEC.ENG.START RLB 72/6 with a broad arrow mark.What kind of engines are these used in?
Hi Chris,
Ive assumed they were used on the older type radial engines with props??



Much more modern Waff, look at the date, 1972.

The starter was made at the ROF Birtley in 1972, either June or Lot 6.

They were used on many of the jet engines of the period, notably Canberras and the like.

Hello chaps,
Jet engines,you say,I was thinking from the size of the cartridge that it would be for something needing considerable poke!!!
All is now revealed !!! Interesting,even if commonly found.More "exciting"
items from aforementioned odds and ends box tomorrow!!!!
There are chambers for three of these inside the cone on the front of the Canberra Engine. They were fired electrically.
starter ctgs

I had a similar case but it was marked as a starter cartridge PEGASUS V K6 K65 and was a bit bigger and had a thread around the open top. cant do a picture as I sold it at an ECRA meeting a short while ago to someone who collects this type of case.
Great thread,cheers for the info boys! :)

Ive seen these sell for silly money although my good pal Mick tells me that they arnt really worth a lot?
Still a nice curio to have i suppose?


These were used on the Rolls Royce Avon series engines & a few others. I changed them on Canberras & Lightnings.
They fired into a small gas turbine engine which when the gases hit the impeller turbine then spun up the main engine compressor thru a gearbox.
Usually in a magazine of three - so the pilot had 3 goes per engine then we had to change the carts.
Aircrew were trusted with doing this themselves on most Squadrons if it was an operational requirement.