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Sten Gun Magazine ????


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Dug a cache of about 30 of these magazines up today (all empty)and a No4 Rifle spike bayonet,are the magazines for the Sten Gun ???
thanks for looking ...allan


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Hi Allan definately Sten magazines and look like Mark 1 type to me [Sten mags came in 3 marks and only the mark1s had holes in the spines ]regards Dave
Hi Spotter,
Looks right as the only other contender would be the sterling but that had a curved mag. So yes looks like that what it is, nice find.
Best regards Weasel.
Some pics of my De -act Sten Mk5 with a original Mk1 magazine with holes down the spine and a post war Mk1 with the holes filled with solder or spot welds ,the Mk2 and 3 had plain spines . The other pic shows my 7 mag bandoleer for the Sten made in 1942 by Mills Equipment Co


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I have read some place that you almost can tell who made the magazine by looking on the folding technique of the wall of the magazines. I have several sten gun magazines with different production methods. The sten gun was made illegal in Norway and used a different type of mag loader tool. (See picture) The Norwegian army also used the sten gun after the war so the marked her in Norway is flooded with MK2 sten guns.
I can post pictures of it if some one is interested in that.



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