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Stielgranate 41


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Ok,i will start this one off with a few older pics of my round.
I will send pics of the tubing as soon as i can get to the `41 as its buried at the back of the display room!


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Very nice stencil markings B)
Overall condition looks excellent...sure is a nice one to have in your collection.

I have one of those base fuses too....only thing is they don't look like vey much when it is sitting on it's own.

Now for one of mine.
Some parts you don't often see.

The cone from inside and the label that was stuck to the charge.
It was all black from the tar applied to the charge so had to shine a light through it to show the writing.
You are right about the base fuze being displayed seperatly.
its better off in the head.
Ive seen a nice one for sale off the `Krad` fella on specialist auctions.

Cracking carry case too amigo!


welcome to BOCN mate,glad to have another german ord fan on board!;)

Hi Waff,

It's a projectile, a rocket has a motor that will push it forwards.
And it's the same with the panzerfaust this is also a projectile and not a rocket.
The stielgranate is a projectile thats bigger than the gun it's shot from so you can get a bigger laod on the target like HEAT or HE. :)

Cheers Mad B)
Its not a rocket because its not propelled by its own motor.
I think its more like a mortar bomb.
Just my view, somebody out there knows.


Additional. A projectile is any object propelled through space by the exertion of a force, which ceases after launch. In a general sense, even a football or baseball may be considered a projectile. It can cause damage (injury, property damage) to a person, animal or object it hits, depending on factors including size, shape, speed and hardness. Accordingly, in practice most projectiles are designed as weapons.

The above shows that 'projectile' is a bit vague in terms of a desription. Shot or shell is better.