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Stoneleigh Miltaria Fair


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Hi Guys, anyone going to Stoneleigh later this month ? I have never been, is there usually much ordnance for sale ? it's quite a trip for me, be good to know what to expect if I decide to go. Thanks, Tony.
Im off there with my pal Mick.
Never been before but im a bit skint this time unless i get some cash-only jobs together!

I think i'll try and pop along as well...it would be nice to meet up with Mr.Waff and Mr.Mick again.....and would be a good chance to catch up with anyone else going.

122 miles north, sheesh... ill make sure to wrap up warm....but i never really know whether its obligatory to be drunk and have heart disease being that far north? ...anyone help ;-)

:laugh: cold mate,i think the heart disease factor lays further north!
Im going to work my socks off for the next couple of weeks for some loot.

exactly when is the Fair?


will be good to see you too again Richard.


Thanks for the replies Guys, 113 miles North for me too, I agree with Richard B,checklist : passport, visa, jabs against anything nasty and a local phrase book ! :laugh: :laugh:
Seriously though, does anyone think that it is worth a fairly long trip from an ordnance point of view ? Tony.
Well.....the advert I saw said it was the largest internal miliaria collectors fair in Europe..with 350 stands. Now Im sure theres some exaggeration....but did anyone go last year

Is it worth going?

Well Ill definitely be there on the Sunday
(The Saturday being open only for traders or those with trader friends :)

Who else is going and which day....?????
I gave it some thought but decided it was too far on the off-chance. FYI, bbc weather forcast for CV8 2LZ for Sun is heavy rain and 5 deg C max ! hope the Q outside is not too long ! Tony.