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Strange FN-made 7,82x57 rounds


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I'm no specialist on small arms ammo and this may be a stupid question but an ID would be appreciated. My mate got in hands a few FN-made 8x57mm rounds dated 28 and 29 having number 1, 2 or 4 stamped on case neck.
Any idea what they are?


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Interesting. I have not seen this before on FN ammo, but it could indicate a particular loading station on the production line.

BTW, are you sure they are not 7.65 x 54mm rounds?

Hi Tony,
I have not seen these in real life myself and asked my mate to check them once more and they indeed are 7,65x54 rounds - not 8x57 as he first told me.
They could be rounds for police use. If fired, the cases if ejected, would identify who fired that particular cartridge and give a good idea where they were standing.

I suppose it is possible that is an explanation, but I very much doubt it. Back in the 1920s I don't think they bothered too much about such niceties!

I still favour it being some kind of identifier for a production machine or a particular case alloy or similar.

Maybe one of our Belgian members knows.