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Strange fuze


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A friend of mine found this fuze on a market. He can't identify it, I can't do it too !
Can somebody help us ?


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force fuze

Aah Yodamaster, The "force" runs strong in this one. Pulling up blanks thus far. Any markings on it beside the v48?..Dano
He he, I know, Dano, I know, not easy.
They are two markings, one on the side that you saw and another on the underside, no letters, no numbers, only a single marking (W on O?!).
The fuze is complete in aluminium and covered with blue paint. Practice, Waffenamt, it's possible, I think so but I'm not sure.
prac fuze

Yep Yoda, I think it to be practice also, but on other hand it resembles an incense burner? he he. Seriously that is a cool looking fuze but I can't identify..Dano
Strange fuze !

It's not so stupid to think on an incense burner. With time gone, I think seriously that it isn't a fuze or part of ammunition.