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strange ordnance

While on the subject of strange ordnance I thought i'd show 2 nore projectiles I picked up at a war surplus store in my area a few years vack. Base appears ro be about 85mm in diameter and about 10 1/2 inches high. They are white in color and obviously armour piercing. These are out of my field of knowledge so any info would be greatly appreciated. I'm about 6 margaritas into a 10 margarita buzz. Is the color right as they don't appear to be re[painted and again they don't fsll into my fielf of knowledge. thanks in advance. Dano


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They are both fired U.S. 90mm Tank Gun M-77 SHOT-AP-T projos, dating back to WWII. Correct paint would be flat black projo with white lettering. You have both versions with and without rotating band. This projo is hard to find in an unfired condition. Lettering would be in 1/2" high capital letters, as shown in the drawings attached.



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